Friday, August 17, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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This week was busy. I mean, doing something every single day busy. Welcome to this weeks laughs, some may have you rolling on the floor. You've been WARNED! This week is all Logan. The kid kills with his funnies.

5. Every morning, Logan gets up and takes his pull up off. He shakes his twig and berries at us and says "It my penis! Look at my penis."

4. Gary and his friends have a game that they play, gaddafi (from the show Tosh.0). Logan has learned this game. He may or may not have done it to Dylan after swimming. And Dylan may have been getting dressed behind a beach towel.

3. Logan has decided that he will fight us on what he is wearing. He has to pick his own clothes, shoes, socks and undies. He also likes to match his undies to his shirts. He also has to show you that he matched his undies to his shirt.

2. Logan has become a photo bomber. While Stef and her family were getting their pictures taken for Lily's first birthday, Logan grabbed a hold of Stef's leg and cheesed it up. Big smiles! Everyone laughed and said that they attained another child along the way.

1. While at our friend's first birthday party, Logan was being wild and crazy. He kept taking off his shoes and running around after the big kids. As we were sitting around talking, Steph says to me "Look at Logan." I look up to find him climbing up a very high hill side. No shoes. After it just rained. The hill is straight up about 2 stories. No fear that one. We had to get Dominic to pull him up the rest of the way up, then Andrew to help Dom so he did not slip and fall. Scary while it happened but totally something that Logan would do and we laugh hard at it now.


  1. Oh dear sweet Logan, you are so funny! What a crack up.

  2. I love Logan! He never fails to make me laugh. And as you know, I was witness to #5!

  3. Oh my goodness. Logan cracks me up! How do you even deal! He is so unbelievably cute! Logan just likes the attention because he is cute!