Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

This was our first week of transition into our new routines so I did not really write down laughs.

5. Last night both boys were gone for sleep overs. Charlie enjoyed being an only child for night and having all the attention. She went back and forth from mommy to daddy over and over. Giggling. Smiling.

4. My Mom took Logan to camp for the weekend with my Aunt and cousins. He is having a blast. My Aunt sent me a video of Logan jumping around and singing and dancing at McDonalds. 

3. Charlie makes animal sounds: A cow; Ooooo (instead of moo), A cat; yowwww, A dog; oof, A duck; quack quack quack. Her lips are always big fishy lips while she makes her sounds. And her eyes are very wide.

2. Charlie came up to me with her arm out and I thought she wanted a hug. Nope, she wanted to steel my pretzel. She is sly that one.

1. It was chilly out one morning. Instead of putting Charlie in pants, my MIL put her in butterfly shorts and a pink tank top. Then she kept on her babylegs with pink and white stripes on them. And then added a blue zip up hooding with mermaids on it. My daughter looked like a clown. It was comical!


  1. My kids are always stealing my food too. I've learned to save my favorites until after they are in bed! Would love to see a picture of her in that outfit! I'm sure she rocked it!

    1. Oh it was too funny but I did not get a pic. I may need to re-create it though!

  2. please tell me you got a picture of the outfit