Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summers End

We went to Conneaut Lake Park yesterday for our last big horrah before school begins on Monday. We had fun as a family but the park left something to be desired.

Uneven pavement. Only a few rides. One place to get drinks and eat. No water fountains. Run down buildings. Burnt down buildings. Only a few park employees that had to keep walking back and forth from one game to another or one ride to another.

A nice part of the park

Not so nice part

Despite the heat and lack of park appeal, the kids rode rides. Gary and Dom went off on their own for a bit while the little ones ate corn dogs and fries. Ethan did not like any rides at all. So he sat back and watched while my three rode. He was a side line cheerleader! The kids giggled. Smiled. I even rode a roller coaster, which I have not done in 4 years since my back surgery. It felt like a cheap chiro appointment!

Dom sneaking in on a ride in kiddie land. He is only 1.7 million feet too tall for!

Come on Mom, let me out of this stroller. I want to RUN!

Charlie is suspicious of riding

Logan is trying to please Mommy with a fake smile

Slowest carousel ever

Charlie LOVED the big carrousel

Daddy/daughter bonding time

Waving to Mommy

It was interesting to see this park that has been around for 120 years. It looked nothing like what I remember as a child but I am glad my kids got to experience it.


  1. I love Conneaut...but I wish they would restore it and make it a wonderful park again!

    I love the pic of Gary and Charlie!

  2. It looks like the kiddos had a great time!! Dom has the cutest dimples!

  3. The kids loook great, the park, not so much. I LOVE the pictures of G and Charlie, those are keepers (and framers!). Looks like a fun way to end summer.

  4. I guess we are spoiled having Kennywood! Looks like the kids had fun anyway! And I agree - the Gary and Charlie pics are great!