Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ears, Throats, Lips and Bums

We have had one HECK of a week here. I mean, for real, why does so much happen in this house?

It all started when I decided that I needed to not take anxiety medicine anymore. I have been on and off of it since my Dad was diagnosed with Cancer. The last prescription cause me to gain weight and I am not all about that. So, slowly off of it and will go to a different Dr for a better fit in a few weeks. *side note that going through withdrawal from a drug is horrendous. awful. craptastic.

Charlie had a slight fever when she awoke on Saturday morning. She is getting her I teeth so I chalked it up to that. We left the house to run our errands and she appeared fine all day. Saturday night her fever spiked ad 103. Motrin, Tylenol and a cool bath. She started sneezing and coughing. I then thought it was just a cold/flu. We figured we would give it a day or two before taking her to the doctors. On Sunday night, we discovered that she had 2 boil looking bumps on her bum. With that, we decided to take her to the doctors on Monday.

Off we went to the Urgent Care. Charlie had, yet another, ear infection. That makes 6 infections in 6 months, with tubes. Good heavens. And...and the boils on her bum. A staph infection. The Dr scared us with the mention that it could be MRSA. For the love of...... OY! She gave us medicine and said if it did not clear up within 4 days that it probably was and to go have it cultured.

I am not going to lie. I FREAKED out. Anxiety spiked. It was not good. Not good at all. My hubs talked me down. He is a pretty good guy ;)

Then came Logan's throat. He started snoring recently again. We took a peek and saw the biggest tonsils. Huge. Red. Yuck. So, not only, did Charlie need to go back to the ENT but so did Logan. Good times guys. Good times.

Appointments were made for today.  Both Logan and Charlie still have tubes in. They are working but Charlie is just prone to ear infections. The solution for winter? She will be on drops for her ears as a daily regimen.  Since she is sick with ear infections right now and has a cold, they could not do her xray or hearing test. So we go back in 3 weeks for those. If her adenoids are like both her brothers then they will need to come out. Logan's tonsils are a 3+ on a scale of 0-4. They are LARGE. Just like Dominic's were before his were removed. He is now on antibiotics for a month to hopefully get rid of the infection and shrink them a bit. However, he most likely will need them removed before the end of the year.

Logan has also had a craptastic time with his upper lip. On Tuesday, he got stung by a bee on the inside of lip. It swelled pretty big and he could not talk correctly. It was comical after we figured out that he was okay! Then on Wednesday, our dog Libby knocked Logan down. He hit his upper lip on the cement patio. Bruised, cut the flap of skin holding his gums to his lip and it swelled up twice as big as the night before. Poor kid! Seriously, he is a magnet for injuries!

And there you have it. Our crazy week of sick and injury. We have a black cloud above our house. I wish it would blow away and not return. It looks like we will be adding more surgeries to our resume by the end of the year. is your week going?


  1. Oh my heart goes out to you mama. Dealing with sick babies is the absolute worst! If I nev have to see an ENT again in my life I'd be the happiest mama on earth, but let's get real that's not how real life rolls is it. As for the anxiety, I always suggest to people lexapro, it's the only one that ever worked for me with very minimal side effects and they now have a generic. So if you've not had that one, it worked wonders for me :) sending hugs and healing vibes your way!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion :) I am going to let my body detox for a bit (hubs will have to deal with my crazys ;) for a bit) then I am going to see a new Dr. I will keep that med on my list though!

      Yes, The Overs are frequent ENT peeps. Oldest son had tubes 4 times, adenoids removed TWICE (did you know they grow back sometimes?! and tonsils removed)

      Logan had 2 tubes and adenoids.

      Charlie is still on her first tubes.

  2. That stinks. I hope your cloud floats away soon, but please don't send it this way!

  3. I can't even imagine. :,( But I have been thinking of you and praying for you guys all week!

  4. Oh Mercy!! So sorry to hear this. Hoping everyone is 100% very soon!

  5. And now? You get to add Dom to the list. I'm so sorry. That is truly craptastic.

  6. I hope you all get better real soon and have a break from illnesses for a bit! Sorry to hear you haven't had a good time of it just when you decide to come off your anxiety meds too. Have a great week if you can xo