Friday, September 14, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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Another week down. Dominic is at camp for the weekend with my Mom and my best friend is in from Illinois for her sons first birthday! It will be a fun weekend for this family.

5. While we were at the ENT, the Dr asked Logan to let him look up his nose. Logan began fussing and squirming. Once the Dr started to actually look how he needed to, Logan shouted "Oooohhh, dats not bad. Not bad at all!"

4. Charlie has been biting the dog. Weirdo.

3. While at our friends for dinner, I looked into the next room to see Charlie hugging and squeezing her BFF Lily's face while going in for a smooch. Those two little ladies are adorable together!

2. Logan was hitting his Dad and saying "Why are you hitting yourself?" Um....I do not think he gets the way that game works. Heh.

1. I heard the water running in the kitchen. I yelled in to Logan to shut it off. He said "I am not playing in the water Momma, I peeing in dah sink!" Oh that kid....


  1. Logan seriously cracks me right up. I am literally laughing so hard at #1! What a perfect follow up to last week's penis fight ;) I think Charlie is just trying to tell the dog who is alpha in the house by biting. I hope you enjoy your weekend!!

  2. #1 is great! We set up our pop-up camper in the driveway to air it out a couple of weeks ago. Tyler was out playing with it and came running inside yelling that there was water in the sink and he couldn't get it out. I went out to see what was going on only to discover that it looked and smelled like pee. He denied it of course, but later told us that our camper doesn't have a bathroom... Silly boys! Great laughs this week!

  3. LOVE it! As for the "Why are you hitting yourself" post, my kids got that from Phinneas and Ferb. The response? A little song...
    "Can't stop, won't stop--I would if I was able; there's a platypus controlling me, he's underneath the table!"
    I'm sorry I know that...

  4. Can I meet Logan? Seriously he cracks me up every single week. If I ever feel sad or mad,I just have to read your posts-seriously! Every single laugh is always so spot on. Just hysterical!!!

  5. I am happy to see you can laugh after the week you had, hope this week is better!!

  6. Totally with Amy - yay for pulling some laughs out of last week! I can't believe he peed in the sink!! I had to teach A to pee in a garage drain once when I was at a bank-owned property waiting on the gas company. I was mortified - I didn't want him to know he could do that yet and he was a little older than Logan is now! Too funny.

  7. Even though I've heard it already, #1 still cracks me up! I can just picture him doing it!