Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Very Scary Birthday Bash

October is a great month for a birthday. The cooler weather. The beautiful colors. The fun and exciting costumes!

I had this plan for Logan's birthday. All the kids would come in costume. I would get the perfect group shot of the adorable kids in their great outfits. My idea went out the window in the blink of an eye. Some kids would not wear their costumes. And trying to get 14 kids into the same room proved to be more than half the Mamarazzi's could handle. Ah, whata gonna do? Just chuck the idea and move on!

We had a lunch of mummy hotdogs, sweet potato french fries, skeleton veggie trays and orange snacks. I may have thrown in some pizza too, mostly for the adults. I adorned the table with spider webs, coffins, pumpkins and fun!

The kids ran around, played and decorated their very own pumpkins. (which we picked from the pumpkin patch last weekend) Costumes were a brief thing. The kids were adorable: from a pink bunny to a headless horseman.

Logan wasted no time digging into his gifts and his birthday cupcakes. He was a whirl wind of energy and enthusiasm. His tongue was constantly sticking out.

The kids played hard. Logan had 2 parties and no nap. He stayed up until almost 10 playing with all of his toys. He loved everything. All 3 of the kids do! It was a great day full of family and friends. We are very blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.


  1. What a great mommy you are. This party looks awesome!Goes perfectly with Halloween!

  2. So creative!! Love it! Happy Birthday Logan!