Friday, October 12, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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Welcome to the weekend! We have a lot planned as Logan has 2 birthday parties.

5. While at our friends house for dinner, Logan came running down the hall holding himself. "I's peein!"

4. Logan threw a book at Charlie, causing a swollen, cut, bloody lip. His response to me asking him why he threw it at her "Charlie frew it first. At me. I no mean a hit her."

3. Logan asked our friend Amber "You wanna come to my house and sweep over in my bed?"

2. We were at my Moms house for her birthday and the kids were dancing around to music. The smile on my Moms face was priceless.

1. Charlie was playing with her baby dolls. She picked one up, kissed it and said "ah baybeeee, a tiss"
( I may or may not have melted onto the floor in a puddle of mommy goo)


  1. YOu got it up before me:) I just posted mine-long day:)
    Oh my goodness, I peen- I would have lost it from hysterics!
    Logan response with #4 is priceless!
    I think I melted on the floor with #1 too!
    They are just too cute my friend!

  2. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. #5 is fantastic! Boys are so funny! #3, you had better keep a close eye on Logan. It's starting already! ;o)