Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

Since I am having surgery on Wednesday to remove the tumor from my hand, I am pre-scheduling these top five laughs. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am hoping for a pain free enjoyable one myself.

5. Charlie says the cutest things: tick a tea (trick or treat), swah-ree (sorry), hash ew (bless you)

4. Logan talks non stop all day, every day. Me ears are bleeding by bed time. "Mama, did you see _____? Mommy can you _____? Mama why we goin ______? Mama do you see my pis-ole? Mommy I got dah zombies!" This might have been why I ended my week last Friday with a wine cooler.

3. Logan jumped from his wooden kids table and attempted to land on the cushy chair. I say 'attempt' because he missed and banged his head off the side of it. Causing him to fly backwards. Just like you see on America's Funniest Videos.

2. Dominic was sitting on the couch, Charlie curled up on his lap and fell fast asleep.

1. Logan plays with my phone all the time. (no wonder I never have a battery charge, ha) When he turns the sound up too loud he gets in trouble. So now when it gets too loud, he quickly gives it to me and says "turn it down Mama!"


  1. A is one of those talkers. Actually, they both are! Non stop. It doesn't seem to get better!! Interesting and sometimes a whole lot of fun to listen to them, however his is usually sports related. zzzzzz lol

  2. First off, I hope you are recovering. I have been thinking about you!!! As for your laughs, hysterical as always!! I love that he went tick a tea. I would have been laughing. I have a talker too! When the day is done,I just need a glass of wine. But it is seriously cute! I love that C fell fast asleep on D! Too cute! LOL turn it down!