Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

This weekend starts the month of December. The month of giving. The month of smiley children at the sight of Santa. Today we go to our first Christmas party and we are excited!

5. Libby has been eating the ornaments off the tree. She grabs one on the down low, looks around and runs over to the corner to much. She's clearly a jerk. Ha!

4. Libby was running around like a crazy puppy, she spun around in the hall and took out both toddlers in one swoop.

3. It is no secret that Logan is extremely lovey. This week he has asked for so many hugs and kisses that it melts my heart. "Charlie, I love you! Do you love me? Come on, give me a kiss girl."

2. We brought out the art easel. Logan and Charlie have been drawing up a storm. Then Charlie took the brown dry erase crayon, climbed up into the middle of the easel and started munching on it like a chocolate bar.

1. Dominic was practicing for his upcoming concert. We were listening to his music and started talking about Santa. Dom is no longer on the S-train but he told us his feelings on him: "Santa is the ultimate creeper. He sees you when your sleeping, he knows when you're awake. That is creepy, Mom!"

I hope everyone has a great weekend :)


  1. Hahaha wasn't so creepy when he was delivering all those years lol
    There seems to be a lot of fun in your house :)
    And crayon and ornament eating lol

  2. What is it with toddlers and crayon eating?? They don't even taste good! Dom is right Santa really is a creeper! #5 is great! She's pretty sneeky going into a corner to committ the crime!

  3. Our dog knocked over one toddler twice in two minutes. Lol love reading your funnies!

  4. I finally am in the swing of things now and can finally settle down to read posts,lol! Love your laughs. We are putting up our tree this weekend and I am afraid Zane will start eating the ornaments,lol! Haha- Santa is the ultimate creepy- too funny!