Sunday, December 2, 2012

Seasons Greetings

We had our annual Christmas Party with friends yesterday. Each year the kids have a grab bag, we order pizza, do a craft and just chat! We always have a great time.

We mixed it up a bit this year because our little town's light up night was also the same evening. Most years it is freezing and we end up not going. However, yesterday was in the 50s so we decided to start the night off there. We met up with everyone. Watched the parade. Saw the tree light up and then left to go to our friends.

It is a tiny short parade that lasts about 5 minutes. We are pretty small town but I would not change that for anything!  After the parade, the kids played on our towns space ship. Here's Logan trying not to slide off!

After we got to our friend, Ambers, the kids ran off and played. We snacked on all the deliciousness and chatted up a storm. The sweet toddler girls stayed close to the mommys for a bit then branched out and went to our friends. Ahhh free laps ;)

Before our pizza dinner, the kids did their gift exchange. We always go from youngest to oldest. Poor teen and tween have to be patient. (not an easy thing to do when gifts are involved)

We always attempt to get a group shot before the kids run off. It usually fails miserably. I could not even get all the kids in the shot because I was using my new 50mm.

Poor Lily is missing and you can only see Logan's eyes. Ha!

I love the traditions that we have started with our friends. Do you have traditions within your groups?


  1. Cute pictures, my favorite line of this post "our town's spaceship" like that is a normal thing. I guess so when you live on a planet!! Christmas activities are so much fun!

  2. So fun!! Cute pictures, my favorite is the group is picture! haha

  3. I love Charlie's coat!! So cute :)
    Yes we have friends we have known since the kids were all little things and we swap gifts every birthday and Christmas, I have adored this tradition. Glad you all enjoyed yourselves!!

  4. Great pictures! I miss living in a small town with traditions like that. What great memories your babies will have!

  5. Cute pictures! You are QUICK! I still have to catch up on so many posts!

  6. Adorable! I especially love the b&w of Logan!

  7. These pictures are just too cute! They are adorable as always!