Tuesday, December 18, 2012

When Cookies and Toddlers collide

Sunday afternoon I hosted our toddler Christmas party. The afternoon was jam packed full of adorable toddler girls, ornaments, cookies and books. It was fun, fantastic and exhausting!!

I made a ham, had snacks and asked each Mom to bring a side dish. We feasted while the girls ran around leaving a trail of crumbs behind them. We chatted. We giggled. We took lots of pictures! The girls played, laughed, chased each other and trashed the house!

The girls had a book exchange and the mommy's had an ornament/cookie exchange. I received a wonderful camera ornament and 2 snowmen ornaments. I love them! They are totally me :) There are lots of wonderful cookies in our fridge/freezer. Or, well, maybe not quite as many as there were on Sunday. They were just too yummy to not try out!

The girls got all dressed up for their little party. They looked adorable and watching them interact is my favorite part! Some of them are talking a ton and chat to each other, while others just run around. We decided to try out one of the crafts, a foam snowman. The older kids helped out, it was awesome!

Nearing the end of the party, we attempted to get another group shot of the girls. They have grown so much since last year! I could not get them all in one shot, so I took 2 :)

Charlie and the other girls were not to thrilled with our picture taking, until we gave them all baby candy canes to munch on! 


Photo: Christmas party with friends! @lexieloodylan2 @overmom @afphotobug @cari615

Or, well, I guess they still were not thrilled. BUT they stayed. So there's that.
I love these girls! Their Mama's too! It was a great afternoon. It totally cleaned my clock but was worth it.


  1. How much fun is this! The girls are all so adorable. I am jealous that you do a cookie swap! I wanted to always do one!

  2. so much fun thank you again for hosting! I still cant believe they are all approaching 2 and when we all met they were so teeny

  3. It was so much fun! Thank you for hosting it this year. I really hope we continue this!