Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Concert

Tonight was Dominic's winter chorus and band concert. It was his first performance on a stage and he ROCKED it! We could not be more proud of him. We are very blessed to have such a well rounded talented kiddo.

Dom is in 5th grade and decided to take up the Saxophone when band sign ups began. To be honest, Gary and I were not really great in the whole musical department in school. Gary can play a bit of guitar but I cannot do anything. I am more of the dancer type than the playing music type.

His teacher talked about how great this 5th grade is. They have come a long way from when they first started. Both his chorus and music teachers gave the entire class praise. Dominic and the other children who were in the solo's got kudos for being very talented. We are over the moon proud!

First up in the line during his performance was the band portion of the show. Then was the entire 5th grade chorus. And the final song was when Dominic got to do a solo. Him and 3 other boys and 4 girls were selected to perform. It was wonderful. He got to introduce himself and he has been so super excited about this performance.

I only have one picture to share because it is hard to get all the other kids blurred out.  And it is not even a great pic, boo!

I hope that Dominic continues with his love of music. He is a very math and science type kid and seeing him explore and succeed in the arts is fabulous!


  1. I love elementary music!!

    Yay for Dom!!!

  2. Hi Tracy, I'm stopping by from Kerry's blog. It was nice to read about you and your family. I too work full-time at home and have three children. I look forward to getting to know you!
    Happy Holidays!