Sunday, January 27, 2013

2 years from being a teen

Happy birthday Dominic!


You are 11 years old. How on earth did this happen so quickly?  Who allowed you to get so old because it certainly was not me! You are growing so tall, so thin, so handsome. When I look at you, I have a hard time remembering the last time you fit in my lap. It feels like a whole other lifetime.

Over the weekend we found numerous baby pictures and I melted into a puddle of Mommy goo. You were the cutest little chubster around. With your big blue eyes, light hair and awesome smile! You were very much a Mommy's boy and I am pretty sure that has not changed. Your voice was so scratchy and full of life. Hard to believe that your voice is beginning to show the signs of the change.

What has changed is you. You have grown into a pretty spectacular kid. Sure you have your challenges, all people do. You get nearly straight As, are respectful of others and always want to help out those in need. When Christmas comes around, you get very excited to donate money and buy gifts for those less fortunate. I am very proud of that! Now, you have had the tween attitude going for quite some time but I am happy that it is mostly just with us and not others. That attitude will get adjusted.

You have had many firsts this past year. You moved into the Centennial school. You started playing the sax in bad. You were picked to do a solo for your holiday music performance. You did your first geography bee and moved into the second round.

Everything around the house is challenging with you. You are not one to want to do your chores. So we had to implement an earning time on your gaming systems or phone. I never wanted it to come to this but it has to be done. Your Dad and I are full believers in teaching you that things come to those who earn it and you have to work very hard to get it!

My hope for you this year is that you continue to grow as a person. Keep on helping others. Continue to get awesome grades. Be more respectful or your Dad and I. Be nice to your brother and sister, even when they get into your stuff.

We love you buddy!


  1. I remember (and sometimes long for) the times I held my babies in my lap too. When they thought their Mommy was awesome! Once they got a bit older, independence struck. Change is there, it grows with them. Change can be challenging but it also can be fun! Sounds like your son is handling the change just fine!!

  2. Awww happy 11th birthday Dominic!! I can see how he has changed in the time I have been reading your blog Tracy!! He is a handsome boy and you are very blessed :) They grow way too fast though!!

  3. He is definitely sweet and handsome! Happy (late) Birthday Dom!