Friday, January 25, 2013

A chewed up nipple is all it took!

Charlie has given up her binki. We call it a B in this house. However you want to call it, B-Bink i-Pacifier, it is gone! Officially for a week!

I am shocked at how easy it was. We had only a couple of them left and Charlie continued to chew on them since she is teething. Once they would get a slit in the nipple, she would hand it to me. "Ewww, no!" So after the final one had a slit in it, that was that!

She has not asked for it AT ALL! What the what? Seriously, not at all. I am so proud of my little princess!!!!

With Dominic, Gary took it and he asked for it for a few days. He was told no since he was a big boy. Logan, I forgot his B at home for daycare and he went all day with no fuss. So I took it and when he would ask for it for the next 2 days, I would say it was gone. No big deal for either boy, they did it with ease.  Charlie followed in their footsteps. Easy as pie. SO THANKFUL because Charlie can be a bit of a Diva!

We are moving up in this house. Moving to be a family without any babies. This takes us one step closer to having all big kids. *hold me!* This makes me happy and is so bittersweet as I cry a little inside. The last step is for her to be potty trained and then that is it. HOLY CRAP you guys!

Were your children easy to take away a binki?


  1. Wow! I wish mine would let the paci go that easy!!

  2. Awesome!! Neither of mine would take one so I didn't have to deal with that! The toddler doesn't even have anything she's attached to! The boy however still twirls his hair.