Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do The Potty Dance!

A couple of weeks ago, our friend Steph had a potty training party. It was a great time to get together with my Mommy group and start the next phase of our toddlers lives.

Dominic and Logan were pretty easy to train, especially being that they are boys. (I have heard girls are easier to train than boys many times) Dominic and Logan we introduced at 18 months, same as with Charlie. Dominic was completely trained before 3, including at night. Logan was completely trained by 2.5 and just recently started wearing undies to bed. (he does still have accidents and we do not always skip a pull up)

I will admit that I was not all into getting Charlie ready to train yet. All for selfish reasons. A-I have one toddler to take to the bathroom seven million times a day and we still only have one bathroom currently. B-I was just not ready to let go of all of her as a baby. However, Charlie is showing us more and more that she is ready to start training.

About a week and a half ago, Charlie wanted to be naked. We let her because we weren't going anywhere. Dominic happened to be home from school on a holiday. The potty chair was in the living room with them, as it always is. Dominic put Charlie on the potty and she pooped! I was in shock. I assumed it was a fluke but we made a big deal about it. We danced. We sang. We gave high fives.

Now onto Wednesday....I am still not all 'hey I need my LAST BABY to be potty training' so I just go with the flow. When Charlie wants to be Naynee, as she calls it, I let her. That is how we potty trained Logan and it is how we will train Charlie. Let her run around without anything on for a few days. Wipes, lysol and paper towels in hand. Be free child, be free! Then we will continue with just undies for a few days, eventually moving on to wearing pants. Bam, potty trained. Since Charlie wanted to be naked again today, Gary and I let her. She was coloring on her table and stopped. She ran over to her potty chair and sat down. Next thing you hear is the rush of pee!!! She did it, all on her own. No one told her to go. No one sat her on the potty.

So apparently my child is ready to start the transition of training. I am going to let her. I am sad that this is the last step in her being a full on toddler and no longer a baby. However, the money we save in not buying diapers will be well worth it!

How do you train your children? At what age did you start?


  1. Yippee!!! Good luck, Charlie!!

    Andrew was easier than Lily and Lily hasn't been hard. Maybe it's just that I'm older and more exhausted hahahaha!

    But potty training is exhausting!

  2. Thank you ladies. She has stayed dry ALL day today!!!!

  3. Great job Charlie! I'm SO jealous! Bailey wants to be potty trained, but just isn't getting it yet... She knows when she needs to go but won't sit still long enough to do it. Instead she walks around the house holding herself for 20 minutes before finally peeing on the floor. Little stinker!

  4. Yah Charlie. Hayley was not trained till 3.5! It was such a long time! It was a crazy time. Zane is starting:)

  5. Yay for a good potty day! I hope it is this easy with V. She has sat on the potty a few times, but NADDA! Gooooo Charlie!

  6. The only sign I ever get toward readiness is she usually comes to me fussing and I realize she wants a clean diaper. The boy was terrible to get trained but when he finally decided to do it, it was easy! Yay for Charlie!!