Friday, February 1, 2013

Saturday Top Five Laughs

Hey, it is that time of week favorite posts to write!  I have not had a chance to write these in a couple weeks due to birthday parties but I am back with some the funny.

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5. Gary was singing a song and used Logan's name. His repsonse "I am not a creeper Dad. Stop it!"

4. Logan and Charlie are obsessed with singing and dancing to you tube videos. They are big fans of One Direction and Justin Beiber. When 'Beauty and a Beat' comes on, Charlie sings along and it is the cutest thing on earth. "Ahh ahhh, I eed booty ahhh bee." I need to get it on video but she stops every time I pull out my phone.

3. Charlie just started potty training and went all day yesterday without having one accident. Until the evening when she was singing and dancing along to Justin Beiber, then she peed all over her blanket. The look on her face was pure terror. "I pee. I pee. Uh oh." We giggled and told her that accidents happen.

2. Libby was chasing the kids around as they were pushing babies in the stroller. She stepped on Charlie's blanket and whoops, Libby slide across the living room. Charlie was giggling so hard. Her giggles make everything funnier.

1. During her first big day of potty training, I may have had to yell at Charlie for licking the potty chair. And my gut just turned writing that down! Gross.


  1. LOL! Bailey may or may not have used her potty chair for a storage bowl for her snacks this week... It's a good thing I had JUST sanitized it!

  2. I'm cracking up about Logan's comment - that kid is beyond funny!! Charlie is such a big girl. I just wish it would click with Natalie like that - I'm jealous!! Glad to see you're back writing this week and I'm actually reading ;-)

  3. These are too cute! But GAG about C licking the potty chair..ewww!

  4. Oh my goodness. Logan cracks me up! I am also cracking up about licking the potty seat. I can imagine your surprise when he did this. lol! Haha- I love that Libby ultimately made Charlie laugh so hard. xo