Tuesday, January 15, 2013

House of Horror

We currently have one flu toddler in the house. And a husband who is unsure if he is feeling sick or just thinking it since Logan is.

Gary and I did not go to bed until Midnight. I awoke at 12:30 by a coughing Charlie and then could not fall back asleep. After finally getting a few hours of shut eye, Logan came in our room after having an accident at 4:45 am. After hubs and I dealt with that, I put him to bed on the chair in the living room. Not even an hour later, Logan is in our room gagging, barfing and saying "I am not going to froooow up!" Oh buddy, yes...yes you are. *sad face*

We got him resettled back down on the chair with me and I called off of work. As soon as he fell asleep, I attempted to get some shut eye in my own bed. This lasted for a mere 10 minutes until Logan called for me with a "bell-wee ache" and I came into the living room and was hit with a wall of odor. I awoke Gary for the day to help me clean him up. As fast as it took me to get hubs out of bed, Logan was asleep. On the hard wood floor. (poor little man) Gary picked him up and took him to the changing table. Oh the horror as I was in the kitchen and came through the living room, slipping in poo on the floor. I...ah...yeah. GROSS! We threw away everything that Logan was wearing, gave him a bath and started our day.

We have spent the entire morning cleaning up after him. Sanitizing the house. Doing laundry. Changing him and bathing him repeatedly. Washing our hands a bajillion times. Keeping Charlie away from Logan and his sickies. 

I am praying that it is contained to Logan. It has been 7 hours since it started and he has not gotten sick in over 2 hours. No more potty disasters at this time either. (although he is now in a diaper because OH EM GEE I am not throwing away more pajamas!)

So, how is your Tuesday going?!


  1. poor Logan...hope its just a 24 hour bug and no one else catches it.

  2. Poor little man! I hope Gary and the rest of you don't get it!

  3. Oh my little guy. I hope he feels better very soon!