Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fully trained in the bathroom department

This past week Logan completely gave up his pull ups. AT NIGHT! I am in AWWW at the fact that we currently only need to buy diapers for one child. One.

We had accidentally forgotten to put Logan in a pull up a few times and he had stayed dry each time. However, since our upstairs bathroom is still being remodeled, I was not about to have a 3 year old that needed taken down stairs at 2 am each night to go pee. So we never put him in undies at night. Until the other day.  Logan asked to keep his undies on and did not want to put on a pull up. So we held our breath and let him. He woke up dry. Every single morning. DRY! KABAM!

We are doing the potty training dance up in here. Dominic was a little over 3 also when he slept through the night in undies. The boys were super easy to train. Up next is Charlie...I am hoping she is as easy as her big brothers. She knows when she is going potty so I am hoping she is ready to start!

I will throw a party when I am done buying diapers and wipes completely :)


  1. Yay!!! Big A was a BEAR to train. Little A is only upset when she's poopy. Shes not showing any other readiness at all!!