Thursday, January 24, 2013


Over the last few weekends, Gary and I have gone through every single box and bin that we had moved 2.5 years ago. It has been a long time coming! When you move into a new house that you plan on completely remodeling, you tend to keep some things in storage. Mix that with moving with an 8th month old and getting pregnant only a few weeks later, well then you just do not have time to do those extra things!

So we had decided it was time to get everything out of here. We need the basement space, we plan on finishing it for an extra room. We started and finished in just a few days. We had no plans in the afternoons or evenings and had Dominic watch his brother and sister.

We donated a total of 3 full SUVs to goodwill. Some of these things we donated were brand new. Bought for us or Dominic and not used. I hope these things get a great new home! I am a bit embarrassed at how many toys Dominic had that were in great shape. To say that he was spoiled would be an understatement. He had so much that we couldn't even keep track of the sets of toys nor keep them together in bins. I KNOW some of this is my fault for not keeping up with getting rid of older things when it came time for new Christmas and birthday toys. I will not and have not made that mistake with Logan and Charlie.

There were bins of stuff from when we were little. Boxes of our wedding stuff. Boxes of cards given to us. All of which was so awesome to relive. I cried a few times when I found certain items that were from my Dad. The bear that he made for me when I was pregnant with Dominic. (if you knew my Dad, he was not a softy so him walking into Build a Bear and building me this was huge for him) The wedding card from my Mom and Dad. Pictures of Dominic when he was little. We packed 2 full boxes of memories to keep and the rest were discarded or sent to goodwill. We love everything about the items, however, you cannot keep everything. The memories and pictures are here and will last a lifetime!

It feels so awesome to have this done. We still need another weekend or two to get to the attic and pitch that stuff. Move boxes and bins up there that are currently in the basement. We did clean out one of our garages these past few weekends as well. We have one more garage to go and then, we are done! Spring cleaning has hit this family early and I hope it continues through 2013! 


  1. Love spring cleaning like this!! I used to be a major pack rat, but I've discovered what you said, you can't keep everything and the memories and pictures last forever!

    We too are in the process of purging before we move. It's a hard and sometimes emotional process, but it's been good for us as well.

  2. You're motivating me to purge! I always find that I'm willing to get rid of so much when I do. Makes me wonder why I keep so much in the first place.

  3. Good for you Tracy!! It feels good doesn't it? I have been doing the same thing around here and I won't stop til it's done...we all hang on to stuff we don't need, you're not alone there!