Thursday, February 7, 2013

Game Plan

We have a plan that spans the next 3.5 years. There is a spreadsheet of said plan. In my house, that makes it official.

Our goals:

Finish bathroom remodel
Drop ceiling 
Replace all exterior doors (except LR, that one needs repainted)
Replace all exterior lighting and repaint light pole
Fix garage doors
Touch up paint throughout house
Paint all interior doors
Install new closet doors
Paint downstairs bathroom
Fix fireplace (removing nasty gold metal and glass stuff) 
Paint cement block on exterior of house

Refinish hardwood floors
New garage doors
Drain system
Insulate garage and put in new ceiling
New hot water tank
New basement steps
Close off and build new closet downstairs

Kitchen remodel (huge project, gutting to the studs)
Drop ceiling on other half of downstairs 

New interior doors
Update landscape
Touch up paint
Possibly putting in new flooring downstairs

Then hopefully putting this house on the market. When we are all said and done, this house will be entirely new. Everything will be fresh, neutral and updated. It will be a perfect house for someone, just not us.

I am trying with all my might to not get too attached to this place. We bought this house as an investment. A starter home with a purpose. A means to an end. The end being our dream home.

Here is to the next few years!


  1. Ugh- I know the feeling. We are currently still in our "starter" home. I cannot wait until we sell and build our dream home either!

    1. When we bought this house, we only had the boys. Logan was 8 months old and we had no 'plans' on having another one for at least 2 years. Charlie changed the plan, lol. We were going to buy the house, flip it and move in 5 years. However, the 5 years has turned into 6.

  2. Wow I don't even have a game plan for the next week let alone the next 3 years lol but good for you!!
    Sounds like an awful lot of work to then go and sell it, but I love what you wrote about it being a means to an end, the end being your dream home...that makes it all worthwhile :)
    Good luck with your plan!!

  3. Wow. Now that is an amazing plan. This OCD girl loves plans like that! Good luck! :)

  4. wow you sure are a planner! love it!

    new follower -

  5. I love the planning phase of projects, the physical labor, not so much! Can't wait to see the new bathroom this year!!