Friday, February 8, 2013

Saturday Top Five Laughs

Another weekend is upon us. Gary and I are hoping to finish up our get rid of all the things project! To my northeastern readers, stay safe!

This is also my 300th post, whoa! 

5. Charlie and Logan wanted drinks. I brought both cups out and tried to hand one to Charlie, she gave me the stink eye and said "No, dat Chahrees!" Apparently I tried to hand her the wrong cup and she was not having it.

4. Logan had to go potty. "Mommy, I have a pee. Take me downstairs" *turns to Charlie* "And Charlie, you have a vagina." It appears that Logan has the human anatomy covered.

3. Logan and Charlie were dancing on the train table. Because, DUH, that is what a train table is for. Logan looks down at the drawer and says "Mommy, that is not for peeing. I will not pee dare again. I pwomise."

2. Dominic woke up one morning and heard his sister chatting to herself in her room. He went in to get her up for the day but when he opened the door, he immediately came right back out holding his nose. "Mom it smells in there. Like poop. She did it so I not really going to get her. It stinks way too bad."

1. Logan had a 2.5 hour nap one afternoon this week. Charlie had a stomach bug so we thought that maybe Logan was catching it and needed to sleep. He never came down with it, thankfully. Gary was up at 11:45 changing Charlie and saw something streak past him in the hall. It was Logan. He began looking for him all through the house. He was not in our room. Not in his bed. Not in his brothers bed. Gary walked back into Logans room to find him hiding in the closet with a chair in front of him. Logan was holding his brothers Iphone and playing a game on it. Sneaky little guy. Needless to say, there will be NO more napping that long for him. Ever again.


  1. Boys are so funny! I love the train table dance. It reminds me of the time Tyler was out playing in our pop-up camper and decided to pee in the kitchen sink which was still plugged up from being winterized. He wouldn't tell us he did it until later when he finally said "Mom, our camper doesn't have a bathroom does it?" #5 is adorable! These little girls just know what they want!

  2. Such a smartie she is!!!

    bahahahahahahahahah Logan!!!! he is always good for some laughs

  3. Happy 300th post! Charlie & Logan crack me up every time!

  4. Logan and his anatomy class crack me up! :)

  5. 300 post! You go girl!!! Haha- mom, what are you thinking giving the wrong cup! LOL! Oh my goodness- I am cracking up with it stinks over there! Brilliant with 1- just brilliant! Love it!!!

  6. Haha funny! Your kids are too cute Tracy, I can just picture all of this happening and I love all your pictures on Instagram of them too!