Monday, February 4, 2013

Rambling thoughts of Randomness

Gary and I have had a lot going on here. We both have tons on our minds. Things have been changing. We are trying to embrace all that we can and ignore what is not desirable. My thought are spinning and you lucky readers get to read the chaos in my head!

*I have posted about how much we are getting rid of here. It continued this weekend as we tackled the attic. Now we just need to move the rest of our boxes from the basement to the attic and the tools to the garage. BAM we have part of the basement that we can remodel for Dominic to play with legos, his I phone etc in peace away from toddlers.

*Charlie is changing so rapidly. Between giving up her binki on her own, to going to bed without a fight and sleeping all night and finally to starting to potty train. It is all happening so fast. Makes my mommy heart hurt yet so bursting with pride.

*Disappointment has been happening a lot lately and in all aspects of our lives. Nothing feels worse than it. Oof.

*Health. I am fortunate to not have any worst case scenarios. Things could be better but I am grateful that all things can be controlled with medication.

*Planning is in full force for finishing up projects around the house. Starting new projects. Budgeting and preparing to put it on the market in 3-4 years. HOLD ME! It will all be worth it to find our forever home. Maybe even *gasp* build our forever home. (If anyone finds a money tree, send one our way because holy $$ to do everything we want to do)

*I have kept up with my goal of putting our marriage as a priority. We have gone out to dinner, shopping and had a few movie nights. It feels awesome. I am starting to remember who we are ;)

*I need to get some more hours in a day and figure out a good work out routine. This is a work in progress. Stay tuned! heh


  1. Hey Tracy! I like how you guys are putting your marriage as a priority, I really need to organise date nights, seeing it has been like forever!!
    I love these random posts of yours :)

  2. I feel like i am slacking in keeping my marriage a priority. I am working on that but I need to spend more time on date nights! It is so important!

  3. Great goals! I always get behind on everything, including clutter. We way need more husband/wife time. We are often running two different directions these days, each with a child! Let me know too when you find that money tree. ;)