Sunday, March 24, 2013


*I am in the midst of planning our NYC trip with Dom. I am also planning our family vacation for this summer. We decided to only take a small trip and do day things. No beach this year. Logan is super excited to go to Cedar Point!

*I realized this week that Charlie is getting so much older looking. Her face has matured so much. Breaks my Mommy heart.

* We have hit a snag in the whole potty training thing with both kids. Logan is wearing pullups at night again after having a few accidents and getting the stomach flu. Charlie is not going on the potty anywhere but at home.

*I was very much wanting to go to Blogher 13 this year but it is just not in the cards for this year. That week at my work was already closed for requesting time off and to spend upwards of 1000.00 for myself to go on vacation is not in our budget. I am hoping for next year and I need to make sure to buy my ticket before the price doubles!

*Gary and I continue to make our marriage a priority. More frequent date nights and time alone has been great.

*Gary has decided to give me a night off a week and keep the kids in the family room or take them out. So far this has not really worked out since we have had way too many illness' etc happening. But I hope to get a free night very soon. I need it to keep my sanity. I work my butt off on a daily basis. I never really ask for help. It is necessary. We have also hired a cleaning lady to come once a month to help out. I have done triple duty for far too long.

*Some changes are in the works for us. I continue to pray that it everything works out the way that we need them to.

*Party planning for Charlie's second birthday is in full swing. I have the crafts. I have the favors. I have the decorations. I have Charlie's Snow White dress. Invites have been sent via Facebook and text messaging. (I know real invites are better but this saves time and money!) ZOMG my baby is going to be 2 in a month. Who let this happen so quickly?


  1. So good to hear you guys are still enjoying your date nights together! And what a sweet idea for your husband to look after the kids one night a week, we all need some time alone :)
    Can't believe Charlie will be two soon yet I know she will be because her and Liam are so close in age (I secretly want them to meet when they are older, she is absolutely adorable!!)
    Have fun planning your trips!!

    1. I would love for them to meet! We need to start pen pal writing soon! They will love getting mail from one another when they are a bit older :) And thank you, Liam is also adorable. I am in shock that these toddlers are almost 2. I am not ready for it, lol

  2. You & Gary are brave for taking 3 kids to Cedar Point, I am not sure I could do it! We aren't getting serious about potty training until this summer, I hope things start to get better for you with the kiddos!!

  3. Making marriage a priority, a night off, fun vacations, and a cleaning lady! Not too shabby! I would love to spend some of your time off with you if you like. :)