Thursday, March 21, 2013

Toddler Talk

Toddlers talk in the most adorable ways. That is, when you can understand them! Here are a few of the things mine are currently saying.

No-nut (donuts)
Shush eww (bless you)
Bah-shap-ah (ketchup) Yeah, this one kills me!
Fah-wing (swing)
Ah Diss (this)
Chah-rhee (Charlie)
Bubbas (brothers)
Ah sigh (outside)
Yo yo (yogurt)
Anytime Charlie hears someone on the steps coming up from downstairs she shouts "Ah Daddy"
Mihm-me (Minnie)
Door-dah (Dora)
Ah sippa (sip of whatever you are drinking or wants a new sippy cup)
O E O E O (What she says when she wants to listen to Will I Am and Britney Spears-Scream and Shout song.

One Erection (One Direction, the band)
Ah nards (what he says when something we say that he doesn't like)
I want some Pshhhhhh (What he says when he wants Redi Whip on his ice cream) I hope he NEVER stops saying this. It is the best.

And if anyone ever corrects some of these, I will hunt you down. Kids grow up so fast. I want to cherish their adorablenss for as long as possible.


  1. So sweet! I NEED to start writing down some of the things Bailey says!!

  2. Aw- so sweet and cute! I love the way they develop speech. It is actualy two of my laughs tomorrow:) So cute Charlie is!

  3. Hehehehe too cute! I love toddler talk too :) And I guess you and I have it all wrong because E-am (Liam) and Chah-ree both say mihm-me the same way!!!

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  5. I love toddler talk. It's fun around here because I watch quite a few toddlers during the day. Each one has their own language and yet I can still understand each and every one. One girl shouts ME-ME at the top of her lungs whenever she wants something. Of course ME-ME translates to TA-MI. She can't quite pronounce my name yet. LOL

  6. Ahhh! Hutton says Pshhht Pshhhht for Redi Whip, too. And it is my FAVORITE!

  7. Love this list, it will be great to look back on when they are talking like humans...boooo, not looking forward to that day.

  8. Logan he cracks me UP!! I adore toddler speak. A always said "ridiclious" and we use it to this day. We were mad when his kindergarten teacher corrected him and he refused to go back!