Wednesday, March 13, 2013


My husband got sick over 2 weeks ago with a "virus." Little did I know that this was the beginning of a horribly long sick period in this house.

Gary was not even better from his virus when Charlie was struck with the stomach bug. It appeared to be quick but her diapers were nasty for 4 days. Hers hit on Wednesday afternoon and by Friday am, Dominic and Gary had come down with it. Gary was in bed for something like 36 hours. Dominic upwards of 30. It was horrible.

Friday was the anniversary of my Dads death. I had to quickly come home from the cemetery as Dominic needed me. On the ride home, Logan got sick all over the car. Projectile, nasty! As I was cleaning the car, he got sick all over the laundry area. I felt defeated by this point. Praying that I was going to remain healthy as the last person standing.

Saturday was spent with lounging and doing laundry while everyone was still recovering. Sunday came and although muscle aches and pains were still an issue, everyone appeared to be on the mend. Then I got hit. It moved in quickly and painfully. After having nights of no sleep while taking care of others, I spent Sunday night up constantly taking care of myself. By Monday morning, most of the sick was gone and aches were left to haunt me all day. The kids all went to school and Gary to work, leaving me home alone to work in the quiet. Surprisingly, I made it through the day.

As I type this today, the taste buds are still not back but the pains are gone. I am more than ready for Spring as this cold and flu season has rocked so many of us.


  1. Yuck! We had this too. I lost 15 pounds in 3 days. Nice, but not the way I wanted to do it! I hope you are all back to feeling normal!

    1. Whoa! My husband lost 10 pounds and I lost 3!

  2. We had this too a few weeks back. I hope you guys are all on the mend now! Speedy recovery!

  3. What a horrible ordeal! I wish you a quick recovery!!!

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  5. January, February, and March were awful with the germs! I'm over it!

  6. I am glad everyone has recovered. G & V were the only ones to get the stomach bug in the fall #knockonwood I hope spring gets here asap!

  7. Yuck!! So glad that's over!! Nightmare.