Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday


I think this link up is adorable! I love little kids clothes, which is apparent when you look inside my kids closets. (They may have a bit too many clothes, maybe) I first saw this link up on Cari's blog a few weeks ago. Such a cute idea!

It is no secret that I big puffy heart Gymboree clothes for Charlie. Their little girl stuff is to die for! For my first link up, I will show some of my all time favorites for my kids.

Bathing suit: Gymboree
Hat: Gymboree
This is my all time favorite swim suit and hat. Their strawberry line has been on her since she was born and I continue to put outfits on her as she is approaching 2!

 Dress: Gymboree
Sweater: Gymboree
Tights: Gymboree (not shown) 
 Hair bows: Crazy 8

This denim dress is perfect in the winter with the sweater and tights but is also ready for spring and summer with the spaghetti straps. 
I am very much ready for spring and summer. Charlie has half a closet full of adorable dresses and tunics to wear. 

The boys are not as much fun to dress as Charlie is and Dominic is finally getting his own style and no longer allows me to pick out his outfits.  Logan is also one to pick his own clothes out now too.

 Shirt: Under Armor
Jeans: Old Navy

Shirt: Gymboree
Jeans: Gymboree


  1. Gymboree had the cutest swimsuits and hats last year!!!

  2. I love Gymboree! What a handsome family:)

  3. You can never go wrong with Gymboree...style & quality are awesome. Your models at adorable too!