Friday, April 19, 2013

Saturday Top Five Laughs

Guest Hosting for Melissa while she is under the weather! Stop by and say hello to her.

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Another week has come and gone. We have enjoyed the warmer weather this week!

5. Charlie adores her best friend Lily. We were in the car driving to go see her and Charlie was chanting in her car seat: "My Lily. My Lily. My Lily!" This girl is too cute for words! And the two of them together is an explosion of toddler cuteness.

4. Charlie and Logan love watching The Wiggles in the family room. Charlie started singing "Nummy S--a--l--a--d!" as loud as she could one evening right before bed. *picture her with her mouth wide open, her tongue coming out and up the whole way to the top of her lip*

3. We were walking at our local park with some of our friends. There were lots of other ladies walking with their dogs. Every time we would pass one of them Charlie would wave and yell "Hi doggie. Hi." or if the dog was black like our dog Libby, "Hi Wibby. Hi!"

2. Logan was refusing to go to bed one night. He came into our room. Laid his head down between Gary and I. "I am not tired. I am just going to lay beside you and rest a little." 30 seconds later he was sound asleep. When I went to move him, he opened his eyes and said "I am not sleeping!" Okay kid, you're not. HA

1. I told Logan to go clean up his blocks. "Mom, you are lame!" (lame, I did not even know he knew that word, let alone use it correctly)


  1. Commented on Melissa's page about your post too. Your kids are hilarious. Love when kids act like they are not tired.. psh! little stinks

  2. I just wrote a comment and deleted by accident- duh!
    Thank you so much my friend for guest posting at the last minute. It means so much to me!

    As far as the laughs, thanks for making me smile! I love how Charlie loves saying Lilly...Lilly- so cute! Hi Wibby-lol!!! So cute!Mom, you are lame- you are in trouble in the teenage years!!!!

  3. Aww, I love that Charlie says hi to all the dogs! Bailey is usually too busy barking or growling at them to say hi. ;-)

  4. is lame!
    Love Charlie and Lily together...too cute!

  5. "Mom, you are lame"? Oh man! You are in for it. Haha. Sounds like something my kiddoes would say! :) Love it

  6. How I wish my kids could fall asleep like that! Love the doggie waves! Too cute

  7. Funny about the dogs - A calls a lot of dogs by our beagle's name - too cute!!! And I agree with Stef and Logan - cleaning is lame! Ha.