Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking up with Megan, Lindsey and Kelly for Trendy Tot Tuesday!

I love this link up and glad I found it from my sweet friend Cari.  It is a known fact that I adore dressing my children, especially Charlie. Charlie is known as the 'best dressed' toddler at her daycare. Her teachers comment every time she goes on how adorable she is, how well dressed and how she never wears the same thing twice! (she really does wear the same thing twice but doesn't need to at daycare since she only goes once or twice a week) It was even brought to my attention that one other parent thought that I curled her hair each day, bwahahah! Nope, that is all natural. I love her to look cute but no time for that ;) Some people think that because I love dressing her up in dresses as much as possible that she will turn into a tom boy. However, she loves being 'pitty' and being in dresses and having her nails painted. I lucked out! She adores being a girly girl! Dom has hit the age that I cannot really pick anything out nor buy it without his say anymore. It is mostly jeans and t-shirts for him! Logan likes to pick out his own clothes too (after I buy them) and he mostly adores t-shirts and jeans too.


I call this her librarian outfit
Dress: Old Navy (bought at a consignment sale for $1!)
Sweater: The Children's Place (also bought at consignment for $1!)
Jelly Shoes: Old Navy


 Shirt: Kohls
Jeans: Gymboree
Electronic: Apple Ipad


Shirt: Crazy 8
Shorts: Kohls
Shoes: Nike


  1. I love that they think you curled her hair! lol she is two! some people haha

    those JELLYS!!!!! need those!

    see you this weekend, I am excited to see all our little princesses dressed up!

    1. I need the other colors and to buy a size 7 because these ones JUST fit her. Her feet have hit a growth spurt I guess :)

  2. Love the librarian outfit! cute.

  3. That dress is adorable! And, I'm obsessed with those jellies too, we had some last year and she wore them all the time!

  4. So cute! Dressing boys is boring after you have a girl! ;)

  5. She is so darn cute! People think Evie's hair is curled too and I'm like nope just naturally!

  6. You have adorable kids! Crazy 8 is my favorite place to shop for kids' clothes!

  7. Super cute! Boys are not nearly as fun. :)

    When I first found out Lily was a girl, I had a hard time gravitating away from the boys clothes. 10 years with just a boy did that to me! But now and with another girl on the way...love girls clothes! ha