Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vacations Ahoy

We are into the last month of school, WHAAAAT??!!!!! Yes! Dominic is done with school on May 31st this year. (first time that he has ever been out this early)

Gary and I started planning our vacations in January. Dom really wanted to go to NYC with just us and a friend as his birthday present. We agreed that this is a much better present than anything else he could have asked for. So we shoveled out the money to stay in a hotel for 2 nights. We are actually staying in the Poconos because it was 1/3 of the price of staying in New York. New York trip is planned for a weekend in the middle of June. HUGE thanks to my Mom for staying with Charlie and my cousin for taking Logan for the weekend so he could play with Ethan. (and so my Mom would not be chasing around 2 tots for 3 days)

Dominic was also invited to go to Seven Springs for Memorial weekend with his friend. After some discussions on safety etc, we decided to let him go. He has never been away for the weekend with anyone but family and close friends. This is a friend from school. I guess I need to cut the chord at some point, right?!

At first Gary and I were unsure if a beach vacation would even work this year. No family could come with us. No extra hands to help chase around a 2 and 3 year old. It is not cheap going alone. Plus there was no way we were taking Libby with us this year. (that was a pain last year when we went to Dewey) I began researching an affordable place to stay, new beaches to visit and the differences between beach houses and a hotel. After many hours of research, I figured out that staying in a hotel is more cost effective this time. We will be staying a couple minutes back from the beach too. (family vacationing on a budget, FTW) The hotel offers a free hot breakfast every morning - bam! They also have a pool for the kids to swim in the evening if we are not going to the boardwalk. Since 6 days was too much last year, we decided to go for 4 this year. We are also making a small trip to The Crayola Factory. I am not sure who is more excited, the husband or 11 year old, heh.

So we have two official vacations planned so far. I am sure we will be going to camp a couple times with my Mom and Aunt/cousins also. We have a good time with them.

We are looking forward to play dates with friends and hopefully some down time!

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  1. Sounds fun!! Unfortunately we won't be in NYC the same weekend!