Friday, June 21, 2013

Keeping all balls in the air

Well I survived the transition into our new normal! Having Gary not here as much has definitely taken a toll on all of us. His business trip seemed to last forever and the kids constantly asked for him. I tried to keep them distracted as much as possible. We had a couple offers from family for dinners out or cooked by them and one friend offered to come keep us company. It was nice to have them cheer me up and keep my kidlets busy. It made the time go faster. The other trainings had him working late and switching everything around for it. I am happy that we are passed it!

Slowly I am going to try to get my groove back with blogging. It has been several weeks and I have not kept up with reading anything, so I apologize for that. I just needed to keep up with doing everything on my own. There were not many days that were under 16 hours with no free time.

I am TRYING to keep all the balls in the air, well the necessary ones that is.

The Bathroom:
We tried SO HARD to have it finished before Gary left for Kansas. However, a broken marble tile derailed all of our efforts. Seriously, I was devastated. We spent over a week staying up until after midnight working on it, getting only 4 hours of sleep a night. We are on vacation next week but have plans to get more and more done next weekend!

Summer Vacation:
It is in full swing in this house. Dominic is enjoying his time out of school. That boy loves to sleep in!
We went to NYC this past weekend (Dom's birthday present) and we all had a blast!
We leave for the beach during the night in 2 days! (spoiler alert: I have a house/dog sitter, ahem) The kids are looking forward to playing in the sand and swimming in the pool. I am too. No work and all play is fabulous.
I am continuing to jog in the evening and have started to bring Dom with me. It is wonderful to get out into the quiet!
We went on a play date at Amy's and met up with Jen at the park.
Playing outside, going for family walks and bike rides has the kids down right exhausted at night. It is awesome, ha!

Gary and I celebrated 5 years of marriage. (in Sept it will be 15 years since our first date, OMG) We decided to get tattoos of our wedding date on our ring fingers while in NYC. They are awesome and it is my first tattoo. It, um, hurt a lot on the sides of my finger but the top was fine. Was a great bonding experience for us and a wonderful story to tell our future grand kids!

Well, I really have very few shreds of it left. However, I am still swimming. This year has shown me a lot. I have learned what to cut loose and what to keep close. I am still working on shutting off my mind and hoping that my anxiety continues to go in the right direction. (kids man, they change everything)

Hope everyone had a great rest of their spring and Happy first day of summer!!


  1. Glad you're back to blogging!
    Have a great trip!

  2. Hey Tracy! Good to catch up with what's been going on in your lives lately. I am totally envious of your weekend in NYC!!
    It is hard juggling all the balls and keeping your head above water but it sounds as if you are doing just fine :)Good for you for the running and the upcoming beach trip!! Have fun xo