Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Top Five Laughs

Happy to be linking up to one of my favorite blog hops, Saturday Top Five Laughs with Melissa!

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5. While we were gone, Libby missed us so much. She is such a social dog. She would only eat her dog food when my Mom and brother hand fed her. When we got home, she hugged us like a human and cried out. I guess no more beach vacations without her!

4. Charlie is growing up too fast. She pretty much potty trained herself. She started going on her own at 20 months and now at 26 months, she wears undies all the time. (We are on the fence about doing it at night even though she is dry every single morning) Every time she goes: "I pee/poop. HIGH FIVE! I a big grill."

3. Dominic got an MMR booster shot right before we left for the beach, he had an allergic reaction to it. Small red dots showed up all over his body, then small hives. He even woke up the second morning and his ears and face were swollen. "Look Mom, when I push on my cheeks, my eyes go away."

2. While in completely stopped Philly traffic,  Charlie had to go potty. We had Dominic unbuckle and put her into a pullup while she was still in her car seat. There was no where to pull off, we were in 5 lanes of cars. She cried out: "No fank you pull up, I pee in toy-lite!"

1. Logan met a little girl named Ava at the beach. He went over and started playing with her and her Dad digging in the sand. Soon enough they were going into the ocean together, holding hands on the way! Logan said: "I like Ava, She is FANCY!"

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and laughing!


  1. Your kids crack me up!! So glad Charlie potty trained so easily! I'm still waiting for the day when I can officially say Bailey is completely done. For now, we do okay as long as we are at home, inside and bottomless. #1, She's fancy OMG! How sweet! #3, At least he found the humor in the situation! Poor kid!

  2. I hope my second is that easy to potty train. My eldest is 3.5 and we have progressed to dry naps, but not dry nights yet. And here's to being FANCY!

  3. So glad to have you back blogging! WOOT WOOT!!! I am so jealous that C is potty trained! i need your tips. She is so cute with her high fives! Haha- at least he was making light of his allergic reaction. #2- oh my goodness!!! I like Ava- she is fancy. So cute!