Monday, July 22, 2013

Life Over Here

Summer is flying by! We are attempting to do as much as we can as a family. We want the kids to enjoy life and make lots of memories. So far we have had a great summer.

*Wednesday was so hot that we did not want to cook, so we picked up take out and went to a local park, allowing the kids to run off some energy. We only stayed for an hour because the kids were soaked. We got a huge storm in the late afternoon which busted our tv in the living room. (we did not even notice until Thursday because we went out and the kids went to bed after their bath, no one turned on the tv until Thursday!)

*Thursday I was going to take my kids to a local splash pad, however it was SO HOT so we just ran threw our sprinklers here. After Gary was done with work, we went out and bought a new tv.

*Friday night we took the two little ones to the drive in theater. Their first experience at a movie outside the house and at the drive in. Charlie only lasted 1/4 of the way through Turbo (the first movie). Logan lasted for both movies and fell asleep on the drive home at 1 am! Dominic spent the night at his Aunts and future Uncles new apartment. 

*Saturday was supposed to be our trip to Idlewild, however, it was supposed to storm. So we decided to reschedule for August and go to a local bounce house place. The kids had a BLAST! They were so tired that we decided on a family movie night at home, where the kids passed out on Daddy by 8pm. (oh and they slept 13 hours, SCORE!)

*With summer vacation already more than half over, I started thinking about the fall and back to school. Tonight I am going to go in Dom's closet and get rid of all his clothes that no longer fit or have stains on them. The first weekend in August is when we head to the outlets for back to school shopping. I can hardly believe it is almost that time. (WHY do summers fly by yet winter lasts FOREVER?)

*We are thinking of signing Logan up for soccer for the fall and staring Charlie in Gymnastics. Dom wants to try basket ball this winter too. (he has done baseball and football but neither one made him want to give the 110% it takes, let's hope this sport does it for him) I think it is important for kids to be involved in things.  Looks like we could have a very full schedule this school year! 


  1. I can't believe Summer vacation is already more than half way over. I am with you, I hate cooking in the summer when it is already so hot. Running through the sprinklers can be just as fun and going out swimming. We play in the water in our yard a lot. Glad you guys have been keeping busy! xo

  2. I would LOVE to go back to a drive in, how far is the one you went to? Yay for gymnastics, we are doing it again this fall! And I am always a soccer fan, I hope he likes it!

    1. It is in Butler, not too far from us. 30 minutes. For you about 45 :)

  3. sound like a fun summer with the kids so far!
    Glad you are all enjoying yourselves. I am craving summer, we are coming out of Winter here, although it is nothing compared to your Winters over there!!
    I bet the kids loved going to the drive-in, we haven't done that for years (I like the cinema lol)