Thursday, July 18, 2013

Saying goodbye to a habit

Since the last week of June, Charlie only woke up in the morning wet once. And she actually woke up dry but I was trying to change her for daycare and she had an accident as I was trying to get her up and ready.

So on Monday night, I decided to put her to bed in undies. She kept getting a rash from the pull ups. (she has very sensitive skin) To our delight, she woke up dry in her undies. *happy dance*
On Tuesday night, she woke up about 2 hours after going to bed to go potty. So we know she is completely done and fully trained. I get to say goodbye to that habit of buying pull ups every single month. Hello pay raise! *w00t w00t* 

My boys were very easy potty trainers too, but she has been the easiest. And the quickest to go at night without an accident. I am so pleased. 

I have a lot of people asking how we did it. Honestly, naked training worked in about 3 days. And she was ready to do it, we only introduced the potty at 18 months before her baths and by 20 months she was ready to give it a go during the day. It took 6 months for her to be fully trained during the day and night. So my advise is wait until they are ready and go with a bare bottom!

Our next challenge is getting her back to sleeping through the night in her own bed. (cause man I am tired...vacation broke her!) I guess it is always something, right?! We have to continually teach our kids, redirect them and take the next steps to making them grown ups!


  1. That's awesome! Did you do the 3 day training recently or when she was 20 months? I'm redoing Bailey's 3 day training right now. She got messed up from our vacation too since no one wanted a 2 year old peeing on their floors she was stuck in diapers for the almost 2 weeks we were gone. We are on day 2 of undies. She's doing well, and I'm really hoping this time we can stick with it!!

    1. I did the 3 day training when she was 20 months. She then was in pull ups all the time anywhere we went because I did not want to put her back in diapers. She would go at home but refused anywhere else. Then the week before vacation she wanted to nap in undies too so we let her. Then we just kept her in undies the whole time we were on vacation (the beach/board walk)and that was that. She was done peeing in her pull ups at night too so we just started putting her to bed in undies :)

    2. Awesome! Bailey treats the pull-ups just like a diaper so that route didn't work for us. For whatever reason when she has a pull-up on she doesn't tell us she has to go and will just go. :0( She's doing better each day, and I'm really hoping this will be the end of it but only time will tell. She does really well at home and will stay dry most of the time when we take her places but I haven't been brave enough to go without a diaper just yet...