Monday, August 5, 2013

Life over here

*We celebrated Lily's third birthday yesterday. Steph had her house decorated with red and yellow and all things Daniel Tiger! She did an awesome job.

*I won those tickets from Amy to Sesame Place! I am so EXCITED and so are my kids. We will be having a fun filled day of driving 10 hours (round trip) and a full day at the park. With my cousin and her 3yo son, Logans best buddy!

*Gary turns 32 this Friday. We will celebrate by having a family day of fun. Followed by a night at The Sheraton for G and I. A movie. A cupcake. Maybe pizza. All in bed and without a toddler foot in my face. Yes, please!

*There are only 3 weekends left before school starts. And, um, we have things planned each weekend. Summer flew by in the blink of an eye.

*I am getting my foot looked at on Thursday. With 3 kids in tow. I have not been able to jog since it started 6 weeks ago and need to get back to it. And I am tired of the pain. Needles will be involved and I am not looking forward to that.

*Gary and I need to clean out the basement again. How does it get so cluttered so quickly? We just purged all the things in January and February! Send help, mkay?

*I always have a lot of my mind.

*Recently G and I have been hit with some major purchase items all at once. Why does that always happen? It has been a lovely shit storm of needing car repairs, a new tv, never ending $ being sunk into the almost done bathroom, etc.

*I am more than just a full time working Mommy. I have not had a minute to myself in a long time. I NEED to change that.


  1. enjoy your adult time!!!

    doesnt it ALWAYS happen that way....when it rains, it pours!!!

    it was great to see you guys yesterday!!

  2. It sounds like you're going to be a busy bee! I hope your appointment goes well and they figure out what's wrong!

  3. I hope you have a great time on Friday! Gary's going to be an old man! ;)
    The basement? Good question. We just completely cleaned ours out 2 years ago, and it's packed again. What the heck?!?

  4. Busy Busy girl!! You deserve an awesome night!!! yah for winning- how awesome! Maybe you will win mine and get to go twice! LOL!!!!

  5. Wow this post saw you guys busier than the last Life Lately :)
    Happy Birthday to your husband!!
    Enjoy your sesame street fun day out xo

  6. Sounds like Gary had a good birthday and 10 hours round trip & amusement park all day...OMG you are serious super mom or totally crazy! I hope you have fun at Sesame Place!!!