Monday, October 21, 2013

Chuck E Cheese to the rescue

Logan had been asking to have a Chuck E Cheese birthday party since we went there in the spring. Gary and I happily said yes for a few reasons: 1-age 4 was the same age we let Dom pick his party and invite some of his friends 2-we did not have to clean our house for hours before and after the party 3- cost was relatively the same, we just had a few less ppl.  (My camera started acting up and stopped working OMG so I have to see what is wrong. we have very few pics and most are camera ones. Stef took pictures for us and I cannot wait to see them!)

When the guests started to arrive, they grabbed their tokens and headed out to play. Games galore! A few rides and a jungle gym. In other words, kid heaven. Even the older kids had a good time!  After playing for about 45 minutes, it was time to enjoy pizza! Then sing happy birthday and watch the birthday show.

Logan loved it! He got a "golden medal" to wear, he danced around with Chuck E Cheese. The other kids were up and getting in on the action too.

Then it was time for Logan and Gary to go into the ticket booth. Logan did AWESOME. He grabbed the 1000 ticket first and with lightening speed. Then he helped his Dad load up on the other bigger number tickets. He did not waste time with the single tickets, we have obviously taught him well!

Then the kids went back out to play and we loaded up the car with the gifts. We did not want to waste the kids time opening them when they could be playing. Our party planner was fabulous and worked very hard. As an additional thanks, we left half of the sheet cake there for them. She said the staff always appreciates that and it makes their day!

When we got home, Logan opened up his gifts. He was loving them all! He received a lot of legos (teenage mutant ninja turtles and super heros-his new obsession) and other toys that he has not stopped playing with.

Thank you to all of our family and friends that came to make his day special. We love you!

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