Monday, November 25, 2013

How you doin?

I hope that everyone read that in their best Joey (from Friends) voice!

Life in our house has been a bit nutty lately. We have been super busy with friends, getting ready for the holiday season to start and preparing to cook on Turkey day.

Here is a bit of what has been happening:
* I went to see Catching Fire with friends and brought Dom along. It was SO good but I am a bit bummed at the ending. A little to abrupt for me. I enjoyed spending time with just Dom before our dinner out and movie. I also enjoyed my time away from the little ones who are ALWAYS touching me.
* The kids are done with daycare for the year. Gary and I have taken off a ton of days from now until the new year that there is no reason to send them. (plus it saves us money and helps keep them from getting ill)
* I am making Thanksgiving lunch this year. My Mom and a few other family members have to be at work at 2pm, so we are eating at 11 am. Then we will be dropping off our kids with Gaga (G's Mom) and their aunts/uncles so we may go shopping that night. This is the first time that Gary has gone shopping with me. We will meet up with some family and friends and it will be quality time well spent! 
* Our Christmas lists are made (of the things to buy) and I just started shopping a couple weeks ago. I am WAY behind where I normally am during this time of the year. I am a shop all year round girl for birthdays and Christmas, but this year I just didn't by ahead much. 90% of my shopping will be done on Black Friday this year. I usually do get most of it done then anyway, but this year it will be almost it all.
* I ordered our Christmas cards already so at least I am on the ball with that.
* I ordered all of my kids Christmas clothes and bought their Christmas Eve Pjs. (I LOVE that tradition)
* I have been pinning all the things! I am trying to figure out how to decorate our mantel this year, the top of the tv cabinet and maybe changing up our outside decorations this year. 
* With me not working 40 or 40+ hours a week the past couple weeks, my house has stayed so clean! Gary and I have been busting our butts during the week so that we only have to spot clean and put away laundry on the weekend. It is working.
* Logan had his first sleep over at a friends this past weekend. Dom stayed over as well to make sure he did not get home sick. Logan has stayed over his cousins house but never at a friends. He had the best time!
* My best friend is coming home this week and I finally get to meet her sweet daughter. I cannot wait to snuggle on that beautiful baby girl.
* Dom had his worst report card ever and he had forgotten to hand in homework (and by worse, I mean, it was all B's and 1 A) The report card was not bad by any means, however, if he would have handed in ALL of his homework, he would have gotten straight A's. I recognized this as a sign that his ADHD meds were no longer strong enough for him. We went to the Drs and he is now on a new medication. I am hoping that within a few weeks, he will be back to getting everything done and not forgetting things.
* We think that Logan had a flash back nightmare about falling down the steps. He will no longer walk down our steps, he must be carried. He tells us that he is afraid he will roll off the side of them (there is not a wall the whole way down). This is exactly what happened to him when he was 15 months old. I guess I am not the only one with PTSD about this accident.
* I designed and made Charlie 3 hair bow and headband holders. I may need to make more because she has SO many clips. I also want to make a shabby headband holder too.

That is how things are going around here. I am hoping to get more blogging in during my time off the next few weeks! Hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving with their loved ones. I will be cooking and shopping and enjoying every minute of it all.

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