Friday, February 4, 2011

Change can be a good thing

As some of you know, my poor baby Logan was hurt when a cable guy left our door open (which we were unaware of) after installing a new box.  It only took a quick minute or two after him leaving our home for the accident to happen.  Those moments changed me for life. 

I thought that it was common sense and courtesy to close a door when you enter someones home...I did not know that I had to directly TELL SOMEONE TO DO IT.  Apparently, that is just not the case for all individuals.  The accident happened and we went straight to the Er.  Logan was okay with only bumps, bruises and a few abrasions.  On the way home, I immediately called the cable company.  I spoke with a cso rep who took my information and forwarded to the office manager.  That manager returned my phone call that very evening while we were still driving.  He advised his manager (operations manager) would be calling me back, probably the next day.

A month went by, I heard NOTHING.  I got my first er bill and called the cso again to be transferred to the office manager. I was irritated with the lack of follow up but figured it would be pointless for me to keep calling without having a bill.  My phone call lead to no one but a receptionist.  She took my information and the operations manager called me back later that day.  From the start, he was extremely stand offish and rude.  Advising me that he thought "the situation was handled." I had to repeat myself several times that I was informed I would have a return phone call and did not get that call back and its not taken care of.  His response was that "maybe we dropped the ball on that."  REALLY MAYBE, ahem, okay guy.  He continued to say how he never "investigated and had to be given him more time since he doesnt know if his guy left the door open or not."  Reminder here that I had given them a MONTH already.  This is when I hear the office manager start to say that he did investigate and the guy said he did not leave the door open.  So, it was investigated and they just did not follow up with me. LOVELY and SUPER customer service right there people. They have no communication between their own office.  I gave him 24 hours to investigate.  The next day they advised me that their insurance company would call me.

After speaking with the insurance company and the insurance company speaking to the cable was determined that they are not liable to close the door.  The cable company is not permitted to open "random" doors and go into places without the customers knowledge. I had opened the door to let him in the basement which means that I NEEDED TO MAKE SURE TO CLOSE THE DOOR.  Even though I was not in the basement, was not the last person up the steps.  He saw my baby, he said hi to him.  He saw all the baby proofing and gates.  He neglected to see me open the door and have common sense that the door needed to be closed back up when he came back up the steps.  To the insurance, I am the responsible party.  Even though, that door would never have been open if the guy was not in my house.

So today we had a new cable company come in and install new phone/internet/cable.  We made sure to tell the guy to close all doors/gates behind him. He gave us a strange look like we were crazy for having to say that to him.  We told him our story about the last cable guy who entered our home, who we did not directly tell him to close the door behind him, who neglected to do so and an accident happened because of it.  The new cable guy said, I have always closed doors behind me...especially ones with kids and never know what will happen...that he has 2 little ones at home and would not want them to get hurt.  What he said made me feel so much better.  I was not a crazy lady for assuming he would shut the door nor should I have had to actually tell him to do so.

To expand on what I said earlier about this experience changing my life...I will never assume people have common sense.  I had a breakdown from this.  I cried a lot, I fear a lot more now.  I am super protective of Logan.  It is to the point now that my heart drops if he even goes into the kitchen, near steps or even anything like that.  I know its partially post traumatic stress because I experienced something horrific and truly terrifying.  I hope to overcome the anxiety, mommy guilt, fear and nightmares before my baby goes off to college.  I really hope it goes away before bringing Charlie home.  I will be writing a letter about my situation and how they handled it.  I am hoping this helps me mentally.

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