Monday, April 28, 2014

A Hoppening Easter

We had a great Easter! Actually, we had a great Easter weekend. Full of fun activities, family, friends and awesomeness. On Saturday we met up with our friends at our local park for the Easter egg hunt and to see the bunny. Logan and Charlie were in the same group at the hunt for ages 1-5. It was chaos and lasted all of about a whole minute. They did not get very many eggs but were happy to run through the fields finding them. Dominic was too old for the hunt (it only went up to 2nd grade) and he had a date with his girlfriend during the same time.

Then we went to see the bunny and Charlie only said hi from afar. She is still not too sure about characters dressed up getting too close to her. The kids got their goody bag with some candy, snacks and a drink. The sat down in the picnic area and had their snack then went to play at the playground. Dylan was not into playing on the swings and slides so Logan went for a walk in the woods with him and the Dads. Soon it was time to leave and finish up some projects and errands before dying our eggs that night. The kids decided playing with our neighbors was better than dying our eggs so I have zero pictures since it was a quick ordeal.

On Easter morning, the kids woke up and searched for their baskets. Not one child found their own basket! And Charlie found both boys for them.

Then we went to my father in laws for a little bit before heading to my moms for an egg hunt and dinner.

When we got to my moms, the kids immediately opened their baskets and went out for an egg hunt.

The kids had fun with their cousin, Aunt and my mom playing outside with their new Easter toys. We talked with family, had dinner and dove into dessert. Before long, it was time to leave and we decided to stop by my mother in laws to say hi.

We crashed Diana's dinner, saw family for a few minutes and then headed to our friend Stef's! They had decided to forgo driving from house to house and just have dinner there. We had plans for dinner but wanted to see our friends so we stopped by for a awhile in the evening.

Our kids played with their friends, the moms chatted in the living room and the husbands hung out in the game room downstairs.

This Easter was busy, fun and full of everything we love: Family and Friends!


  1. Cute pictures! I'm so glad you could join us after dinner! XOXO

  2. Love the family did Charlie keep her dress so clean & pretty?!?!