Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Fun

Finally! Warmth in the air, no school and fun times begin. 

I have off on Thursdays to help keep our childcare costs lower. We usually meet up with our friends this day for play dates around the Pittsburgh area. We also get together on the weekends with the whole family for cook outs and other fun things. This year we have a bunch of fun things we want to do:

* goofy golf
* beach 
* sesame place
* lake erie
* camping
* backyard fire with smores
* movie in the park
* swimming
* splash park
* water steps
* strawberry picking
* park play date
* visit the zoo
* amusement park
* ice cream night out
* spill way to feed the fish/ducks
* see fireworks
* carnival
* site see downtown with the kids
* just ducky tours

What is on your summer list to do this year?


  1. Sounds like a fun list! Where is spill way?? I bet V would like doing that. I should start saving our stale bread...ha

  2. The spill way is near pymatuning :)

  3. The spillway is disgusting. HA! Can't wait to have some fun with you guys!