Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Day about Dad

Father's Day 2014

* Gary and I spent a few hours on the roof. We got a nice chunk of roofing stuff done. It was nice to help. However, I am afraid of heights. I only got up there for him. It was not too bad when I was up there but getting down was terrifying. I shook the entire time. Only the love of my life could get me to go up on a roof and tackle my biggest fear without any medication helping my anxiety. 

* We went to the cemetery to see my Dad. Logan was a bit more inquisitive and adorable and sad this time around. "I wish Papa was here so I could meet him and give him the best hug!" (we had to explain to him that he did meet him when he was a baby) He also talked to him and rubbed his tombstone and walked away with a pout face when he couldn't see Papa. Our eyes had tears but it was adorable. He is just the best kid. 

* My Mom cooked us all dinner - steak, chicken and ribs! She is the best. We usually cook out here on Father's day but she offered to cook this year. And I jump at the chance to not cook ;) Gary's Dad made other plans this year so we did not see him at all. It was just my family, we had a good time. I love them and not sure what I would do without them by my side. 

* Gary was a bit spoiled this year. He got a new Xbox live membership, an automatic staple gun that he needed for the roof and a bunch of clothes. He deserves it, he works hard for his family and we appreciate him!

 I hope everyone enjoyed spending time with their Father, whether here on Earth or thinking of them in Heaven.


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  1. Yay for the overcoming some fear to get on the roof! I agree it's the getting down that's scary! Yippee for not cooking! I love hearing about Logan and your dad. :)

    Happy Father's Day, G! You're one of the good ones. :)