Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer starts with Strawberries

Thursdays are my days off of work. I have errands and chores to do those days but I try to fun things with the kids too, especially in the summer!

We have been trying to go pick strawberries for the last 2 weeks, however, it kept raining. Yesterday, we decided since it was not bad that we were still going. It was only misty rain and warm out. The kids were all looking forward to it!

We loaded up and went to a local farm, Soergel's and met up with some of our friends. We were missing a few who were in other states having fun!

Missing, the babies, one toddler girl, 3 older kiddos

After playing on the fire truck, getting our containers weighed and waiting for our tractor to pick us up, we headed up to the strawberry fields.

Logan picking

Aubrey (Stef's great niece) and Jack

Dom and Logan jumping over the strawberries

Lily picking

Dom looking for the perfect patch


Dom and Jack



Shenanigans always with two besties!

Sweet Violet

When did Charlie turn into a little girl?

Logan showing off his haul

Dom showing off his haul

I think Lily ate her weight in strawberries

Lexie did awesome

Liam loving the straw

Dom giving Liam a bite of strawberry

Dom loves his little buddy

The crew of kids, love these kids! Glad they have each other

I love pictures on the farm. They are my second favorite place to take pictures, after the beach! The kids took their time picking and eating them. The toddler girls had strawberry all over their face when we loaded back onto the tractor to head back down out of the fields.

After our fun at the farm, we all went to Eat - N - Park for lunch. Our huge crew in one place at a restaurant was fun and the waitress said that our kids were the most well behaved that she had all day! It was a great day spent with great friends.


  1. What beautiful pictures. Look like the summer is off to a great start!

  2. These pictures are adorable! There is nothing better than fresh picked, locally grown strawberries! Our strawberry season starts so early down here. We missed it due to Hunter being born right at the start. There's always next year!

  3. Love the pictures! It turned out to be a great day. My post is going up tomorrow!

  4. I agree, farms and water make the best pictures! These are so great! Hope you guys are enjoying your summer.