Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Accident Central

Yesterday Logan was playing in the kitchen with a bunch of plastic and metal mixing bowls.  He leaned down on the biggest one with his hand on one side.  The bowl tipped and the other side hit him in the upper lip, splitting it wide open.  My MIL picked him up and blood was pouring from his mouth.  She thought maybe it required a stitch because it would not let up...after a couple of ice pops it did stop, thankfully!  He now has a big lip with a pretty wide cut, just in time for Christmas card pics!

Not only did we have the lip incident yesterday but he managed to fall more than a few times, bumping his head.  Then this morning the little sprout shut his fingers in a drawer.  Oiy, no more kitchen for this kid.  I am starting to consider a bubble, anyone know where I can get one?

I will post some pics when I get the uploaded.  Hope everyone else is having a safe type week unlike ours!

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