Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day of Events

Busy is a great word to describe this Saturday!

The day started off with Logan waking up at 5 am AGAIN.  Ugh, Mommy is too old for that stuff kiddo!  I went to the craft show with my Mom and my sister.  We had a great time and even found some wonderful Christmas gifts and a flag for my Dad's grave (American flag with and Eagle...sums up my Dad perfectly!).

After the craft show, I hurried home to pick up the hubs and kiddos.  Off we went to Dylan's 6th birthday party.  Happy Birthday Buddy!  We had a great time with some good friends.  Everyone enjoyed a yummy lunch and chocolate cake while the kids decorated an ornament for the tree :)  Dylan was super excited about the lego sets we got him and Gary is very proud that he picked his favorite gift.

As soon as we were done at the party, we left with Amber, Audrey and Jack to go down town.  We went to see Garys office and hit the rest rooms before lining up for the parade.  A quick stop to get hot chocolate and we were set!  We lined up...on the wrong side of the here we are running across the street right before the first horses come marching down the road.  The horses were beautiful, the kids were waving and was a great site to see.  Logan was very excited to see all the lights.  I loved that the horses shook their heads YES when you asked if their name was (insert horse name here like King).

From the parade we all went to dinner.  WELCOME TO MOES.  It was here that we were all slightly embarrassed when Thriller came on and Dominic got up and started dancing in the isle.  Then Logan started doing his toddler dance in his high chair.  Oh my....

We had a fun filled day and each Saturday is filled with these types of events from now until the first of the year.  May the force be with me to get through it all!!

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  1. I'm so glad you could make it to Dylan's party. He loved playing with Dom, and loves his Legos!
    It was so cold that night, but I'm glad you enjoyed the parade.
    I love that they danced to thriller!