Saturday, November 13, 2010

Date Night

WOW I can hardly believe that Gary and I are actually going out to dinner in Robinson with no kids and no real time frame.  It has been so long since we went out to dinner by ourselves that neither of us even remember when we did.

Every family knows how hard it is to get out without the kids and how important it is to do for your marriage. You need to reconnect with your significant other in ways that do not include 4 handed diaper changes, baths or silly faces!  It keeps your relationship fresh, new and exciting. 

We are going to dinner at PF Changs and neither of us have ever been there.  The food sounds yummy and yes I have already looked at it a few times online.  I will actually be wearing make up, have my hair done and be dressed in clothes that are not flannel/fleece.  It is a big deal :)

To our friends, if you need a night out then hit us up.  I would be happy to watch your kids while you reconnect with the person who helped create your family!


  1. I hope you have fun! Grant and I had our date night last night!

  2. Oh we did, how was yours? We do not get to do it often enough that's for sure.