Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks

After a year full of events, some good and some not good, one needs to reflect on what they are thankful for.

Family.  This is basically a given.  However, I want to go through and thank them each!  Gary-he is a wonderful husband.  I do not have much not to be thankful for with him.  He is one that cleans, helps with the kids, jokes around and loves me unconditionally.  Dominic/Logan-my two little love bugs.  They keep me on my toes while making laugh to the point of tears on occasion.  My Mom-I really could not have gotten where I am today without her.  She is loving and helpful without ever pushing me toward something not wanted.  My brother-giving, kind and helpful with his nephews all the while spoiling them in a good way.  My sister-she is upfront, thoughtful and we never pay for hair cuts! We can always count on her to babysit the kids and even on only a moments notice.  The Inlaws-each of them help in their own way and I am very lucky to have them.

Friends. Another basic given.  I have a few groups of great friends. Some I have had forever, some I have just reconnected with and others I have just met within the last few years.  You are all wonderful and I can share good times and bad with you without judgment.

New Home.  This had been put off for years.  It never seemed like the right time for Gary and I buy a home.  This has been perfect.  The whole process was stressful and not all that pleasant but I am thankful for the outcome in the end.  We are putting a stamp on it in a neutral tone as to be able to sell within a few years to obtain that dream home awaiting us!

Having a job where I work from home.  I know how lucky I am to have this.  Make a decent living while not getting out of my jammies.  Leaving me to have my morning sickness in peace and not let everyone and their mother see how sick I really get.  Everyone complains about their job at one point and I am no exception to that rule but I am thankful to have a good job!

The time spent with my Dad this year.  I am very thankful that my Dad made it through another birthday for us to celebrate with him.  He was still able to come out for us to sing to him at the dining room table, still able to open his gifts (even if he never got to use them) and able to see my kids one last time without appearing to be in too much pain. (although appearances can be deceiving)

This Thanksgiving is going to be difficult but I am thankful to have another one to spend with my family.  Happy Thanksgiving and be sure to thank those who we sometimes forget to thank (hubs this is you ;) dear!)

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