Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Wishes to my first born

9 years ago today I spent 43 hours in labor before delivering my first born.  You were a tiny little guy, so cute, so pure, so snugly.  Now you are a tall, handsome, smart and a crazy little man.

It is hard to describe how much you love someone when you first look at them.  Now its hard to describe how I feel about you growing up so quickly.  You went from a chubster baby who ate non stop, to a waddling toddler who talked so much, to a smart preschooler who accelerated faster than I ever imagined, to a school aged child who gets bored very easily! Every year comes and get bigger and bigger.  You will soon be taller than Mommy and I will have to look up at you to say hi or get a hug (if you even hug me then)!

I wish you the best with each birthday. I give you presents that you ask for.  I hug and kiss you.  I take you to dinner where ever you choose.  But most of all, I love you.  Happy Birthday little man!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Dom! We love you, buddy! -Stef, Grant, Dylan, and Lexie