Friday, January 28, 2011


Glucose tests are not fun. You drink nasty flavored water and sit there twiddling your thumbs.
I have had more than my share of these tests.
Took my first test and could not hold down the sugar water. Had to come back and take it again, passed YAY.
Took my 1 hour test and failed. Had to take the 3 hour test and passed by the skin of my teeth, YAY.
Had to take a 1 hour test at 11 weeks since I failed the 1 hour test with Logan and passed, YAY.  Had to take my normal 25 week 1 hour test and failed.  Get to take the 3 hour test next week.  Can you hear the enthusiasm?

Being a boarder line diabetic is hard when you are pregnant and crave sweet things!  I do not eat much as it is and am hoping I pass this test so that I do not have to watch my diet and prick my finger 24/7.

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