Thursday, February 10, 2011

Third Trimester

I rang in my third trimester with a fracture to my little toe.  I know how to party ;) It is a blessing, that I know.  It has helped me stay off my feet so that my contractions come under control.  I am now being monitored for pre-term labor just in case.  I have a sonogram in a week and cannot wait to see my little sesame seed again.  Her face will be much fuller and rounder!

My morning sickness has not stopped but it has eased up a bit.  I still take medicine when I need to.  Every day is an adventure for me during pregnancy and just when I think things are calming down...there is wrench thrown in there and things spin in a different direction.

I am looking forward to meeting our little girl in 11 short weeks...or even sooner.  Both my boys were early.  Dom was almost 3 weeks early and Logan was a week.  I know that I will be getting pitocin once again because I do not dialte on my own.  I am praying that this delivery is a lot like Logans...super easy, although less than 21 hours would be wonderful.

The next 2.75 months are going to go by quickly, ahem, I hope.  I have a lot to do to get ready for her.  I hope my foot and belly can keep up and allow me to get things done.

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  1. I hope your toe heals quickly! I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better. I know how even a little bit of improvement can feel amazing!