Sunday, July 17, 2011

21 is so close to 2

My little Logan turned 21 months yesterday.  Like for real, he did! I know, I am as shocked as you are ;)

My crazy little man is in the swing of terrible two's big time! We have the occasional tantrum, shouting matches, throwing things and coloring everything but paper! We (ahem) have the tile, car seat, fireplace, vibrating seat and high chair to prove it.  He goes up to his beautiful art work and says 'no, no. bad, bad coloring.' Ha, he understands that its bad to do yet he just cannot help himself!

Logan you are an adorable ball of energy.  Running, talking constantly, getting into everything, loving your baby sister and keeping up with your big brother. I am glad you are still able to cuddle because before I know it, you will not fit into my lap anymore!

21 is way too close to 2, someone please push the pause button.

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