Monday, July 11, 2011

Memorable Moments

I began blogging so that I could remember all the things that happen around our nut house.  This week has been especially funny in Loganville.
Gary and I were discussing something while Logan was eating lunch.  Gary put up his hand to me and said 'Face' while he was getting Logan out of the high chair.  Logan looks at me, put his hand in the air and said 'FACE!'
Gary and I were doing some shopping for Trisha's shower on Friday night.  He pulled into a first row spot and said 'Hot Damn' and 1.2 seconds later from the back seat 'Hot Dahhhm.'  Yikes, Mr Repeat is repeating way toooo much ;)
Logan kicked his sister on accident yesterday.  He immediately said 'I sowrey' then hugged her, tried to kiss her, tickled her feet 'twika twika' and beeped her nose. First off the cuteness of that is killing me and second off HOW DOES HE KNOW HOW TO SAY SORRY? I mean, we do tell him to say sorry and hug someone when he does something unwanted.  But he never has said it before and bam out it came yesterday!

Charlie has had her adorable moments this week too!
Charlotte is cooing and smiling every single time any of us look at her, talk to her and play with her.  Her smile melts my heart.  Even my Mom commented that the amount of smiles and coos have changed in the last week.
Yesterday when I was talking, Charlotte turned around to look at me.  She heard my voice from feet away and wanted to see her Momma. Again, my heart melted into a puddle of goo.

Dominic was a helpful guy this week, ahem, even when he did not need to be.
I had bought 2 signs to put at the end of our road and the main road.  I was having a baby shower here and most people had never been to our house.  The signs had this nice perforated top with a hole in it. (where the store would hang it on the wire hooks, you know?) I thought to myself, self that is the perfect place to tie the balloons! Dom had other thoughts, as in, 'Mom, here you go. You forgot to rip these off the signs.' GAH. Dom I had left those on for a tie balloons to it. I know you think you are being helpful, but ask before doing something next time PLEASE! Oy

My kidlets always keep me on my toes, keep me laughing and make me smile!

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